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No. 1 White Emulsion Adhesive


  No. 1 White Emulsion Adhesive

  Good initial adhesion, odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritating, non-pollution, non-flammable, moderate viscosity and high strength.

  Widely used in wood products processing and installation for floor, woodwork and pencil, also for bonding porous materials, such as book, wireless binding and fiber items, and prepare for latex coatings, polymer cement mortar used for wall, floor, building and arts decoration.

Specification Total Weight
350g×40 tins 15.80kg/ pc
1kg×12 tins 13.46kg/ pc
4kg×4 tins 18.37kg/ pc
10kg×1 tin 10.63kg/ pc
15kg×1 tin 16.08kg/ pc
17kg×1 tin 18.08kg/ pc
20kg×1 tin 21.08kg/ pc

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